Credits for the music goes to: Abstraction music


this is a very basic preview version of this projet.


I'm a college student and this is the very first game project I have, I made this using construct 2 and because of the limitation the free edition, I can only make the game you are playing. Now I'm looking for support and also I want to see If people like this Idea,  I want to work with games as a job, So I started making research and plan this game, I've got some hints with friends that already work with games, and now I want to actually start making it.

if you can and want to support my project, please consider to donate. Even if you can't donate but want to support the game, please rate and comment, so I can know if you like it. I'll be very happy in making the full version of this game if you enjoy playing it.

What I have planned for the game if continued:

 -7 new enemie types.

- 6 new weapons.

- 4 new specials.

- wave system.

- boss battle.

And this is just for a start. I have lots of ideas, but I can't implement all of them at once.

Due to college obligations I would only be able to work on the game on weekends, but I can guarantee that I'll dedicate myself for making a great game.


In a distant future, humanity is going to test the super warp drive, made to travel millions of light years in one second. They have chosen their best pilot to test this experimental machine. At first everything was going well, but as soon the pilot lost connection with the mission control he discovered that he couldn't turn off the engine, he was going way too fast. In a moment of fast thinking, he shot the engine, making the ship to be thrown out of the event horizon. with most of the ship systems broken he crashed on a planet. 

when he waked up he was receptioned by strange aliens that tried to help him, they fixed the ship but the warp drive wasn't powerfull as before to bring him back home.

and then the pilot saw weird orb shaped spaceships that started shooting and throwing themselves of the planet. the citizens ran away but no defenses where taken. Seeing that, the pilot entered his spaceship and flew to battle. 

It was a hard battle, but at the end he emerged victorious. When he landed on the planet the citizens told him about the evil emperor that was destroying and dominating every planet with high science and engineering capacity but with no ways to defend themselves. 

Hearing this the pilot decided that he would help, with hope that one of the planets could help him go back home.


[Esc]: pause/controls

[W]: go foward

[A]/[D]: turn

[E]: Special attack. (with yellow bar full)

LMB: shoot

RMB: dash (while moving)

Development log


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Great game! Controls feel nice and responsive. :D


Thanks!   =D